New Channel on the WYD website will have Prayerful Reading in a Young language


2013-01-31 – PREPARATION

A new instrument of preparation for the World Youth Day Rio2013 will be available for young people starting next month. It is the channel “Prepare,” that every month until WYD, will provide content for the spiritual formation of the pilgrims, such as a young Lectio Divina that is the Prayerful Reading made for young people, with a different theme every month.

According to Father Joseph Anísio Schwirkowski, that gathered the content, following the theme of WYD Rio2013, “Go and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28, 19) Lectio Divina aims to prepare the heart of the disciple for the encounter with the Master. “Often, in a meeting, the most beautiful thing is preparation. The event has a different taste when you prepare well. So we want to form the heart of the disciple with the Word. It is hearing the Word, sharing it and putting it into practice that will form discipleship”, he said.

The Channel will publish the subsidy for young people to practice the Lectio Divina, as well as a manual with guidelines for the guides that will lead the meetings. Among the tips, there is the ideal size of the group, which should have from 10 to 15 people, the need of a careful preparation of each meeting and the use of new media, especially social networking, to help the constant contact between members of group.

According to the priest, this young Lectio Divina was prepared by experts. “A biblical scholar who has been to the Holy Land more than 20 times wrote comments to each Lectio Divina uniquely. So they are new comments. And the dynamics that are suggested for the guides were also prepared by an expert”, he said.

>>> Download: Lectio Divina towards WYD Rio2013 – Orientations

>>> Download: Lectio Divina towards WYD Rio2013 – Theme 1


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