“Anti-Catholicism in Australia now might be called the racism of the intellectuals”


[AMAIC. We would say, rather, “of the pseudo-intellectuals”]

First they came for the Catholics and climate sceptics. Beware: the true bigots will next reach for your throat, too. Attorney-General George Brandis, raised a Catholic, was right last week: “The Left has embraced a new authoritarianism.”

They have given us a “new and illiberal climate of anti-intellectualism” so that “rather than winning the argument (they) exclude their antagonists from the argument”. Brandis said he realised this when Senator Penny Wong falsely claimed the debate on global warming was over because “the science is settled”.

She wasn’t alone. The only time the ABC ran a documentary questioning global warming extremists its own staff revolted. Warmists such as Professor Tim Flannery now refuse out of principle to debate sceptics. But it’s not just global warming. Brandis said he was then horrified by “an act of political censorship” — a judge’s banning of two articles in which I questioned why certain fairskinned Aborigines identified solely as Aboriginal.

Last week Dyson Heydon, the former High Court judge now running the royal commission into union corruption, also criticised this fashionable new intolerance.

“Anti-Catholicism in Australia now might be called the racism of the intellectuals,” he said in last week’s Acton Lecture for the Centre for Independent Studies. Indeed, we’ve seen the media class try to drive Catholicism from public debate. So why are Christians routinely attacked by the secularist class that dominates public debate?
Heydon last week hinted at one reason: Catholics especially have a history of fighting movements which don’t treat each person as precious to God, and which carelessly sacrifice them to, say, the Fatherland — or, indeed, Mother Earth

Heydon quoted poet Heinrich Heine’s prescient warning in 1843 that “a drama will be enacted in Germany compared to which the French Revolution will seem like a harmless idyll”, because once Christianity was “shattered, savagery will rise again”.

Heine was right. The Nazis declared war first on the Jews and then the churches. Pope Francis a fortnight ago warned Catholics to be wary of the next threat — of people once more preaching “a dictatorship of a narrow line of thought” which killed “people’s freedom, their freedom of conscience”.

It is a new dictatorship of the mind in which sceptics who fight the warming idiocy — sacrificing jobs simply to pretend to stop a warming that actually stopped 16 years ago — are told to shut up.


Taken from: http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/viewer.aspx

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