“… it is judicial tyranny for a judge to throw Kim Davis in jail …”.

When Kim Davis was elected county clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, she probably never expected that acting on her deeply-held Christian beliefs at her workplace would one day land her in jail.
Tragically, that is exactly what occurred. Judge David Bunning jailed Davis after she refused to personally license same-sex “marriages.” Licensing these “marriages,” Davis explained, would violate her deeply held religious belief that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

Religious liberty is guaranteed by the Constitution, and federal law requires the government to find reasonable accommodations for people like Kim Davis who have deeply held religious beliefs. Such reasonable accommodations were utterly lacking in this case.
It was profoundly wrong for the US Supreme Court to have imposed same-sex “marriage” on the states, and it is judicial tyranny for a judge to throw Kim Davis in jail because she upheld Kentucky’s law prohibiting same-sex marriage and resisted the Supreme Court’s illegitimate ruling.
However, even if you disagree with Davis’s actions in this case, I hope we can all agree that she does not belong in jail right now.

We must fight for our rights! If Kim Davis was a same-sex “marriage” activist, the national media would be up in arms, and petitions and protests would be happening around the clock. Now, WE must stand with Kim Davis!
Sign this petition to demand that Davis be freed immediately. Her plight could be any of ours, and ask yourself… in that case, what would you want your friends in Christ to do for you?


Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team
P.S. Even if you are not from the US, you can still show solidarity with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis for her bravery in the defense of the natural law and the natural family. You do not need to be a resident or citizen of the US to show your support for her, and, at the same time, express your frustration at the diminution of religious freedom everywhere in the so-called “free world”. Kim Davis may just be the Rosa Parks of this generation – so, please, wherever you are from, sign this urgent petition, and share with your circles of like-minded friends and family.

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Kentucky gay marriage row: Rally for jailed clerk Kim Davis

Hundreds have gathered in support of a county clerk in the US state of Kentucky who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples.

Kim Davis, an elected official in Rowan County, has said the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the issue conflicts with her Christian beliefs.
Some of her deputies began processing the licences on Friday, providing one to a gay couple previously denied one.
However, there is disagreement over whether the licences are valid.
Normally they require the signature of the elected clerk, in this case Davis.
On Thursday, Davis denied herself the opportunity to be released from jail after refusing a judge’s request to allow her clerks to issue licences. US District Judge David Bunning said she could remain in prison for up to a week.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Supporters assembled to listen to several speakers at the rally, including preachers

On Saturday Davis’s husband Joe addressed the crowd outside the Carter County Detention Center.
“She won’t bow, I promise you,” Mr Davis told the crowd, the local Courier-Journal newspaper reported.
“I’m just an old, dumb, country hillbilly, but I know God,” he added.
One of the other speakers, evangelical preacher Randy Smith, addressed the crowd saying: “Father we know what your word says. That homosexuality is an abomination,” according to NPR.
The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected the argument that Davis’s faith prevented her from carrying out her duty.
She can only be removed from her position if the Kentucky legislature impeaches her, because she is an elected official.
Various 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls, like Mike Huckabee, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, have supported Ms Davis’ decision.
Mr Huckabee has said he plans to meet Davis and stage his own support rally.
Others like Carly Fiorina, Senator Lindsey Graham and Ohio Governor John Kasich have said she must comply with the law.


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