Fate of indigenous kids of no interest to Social Justice Warriors

CIRCULAR Quay is festooned with gigantic rainbow banners advertising a “Yes” vote in the same sex marriage campaign, as Lord Mayor Clover Moore once again hijacks our city for her pet political projects.

She is the tin-pot mayor of 200,000 people — a piddling four per cent of the population of metropolitan Sydney.

Yet, through an accident of history and gerrymandering, this leftist dictates how our beautiful city is portrayed to the world.

She has thrown $100,000 into the Yes campaign, for 167 rainbow banners across the city, and cash grants to activists, and wiped another $11 million on a giant steel noodle she claims is public art.

At the same time, Sydney is suffering record homelessness and looks grubbier than it has for a decade.

Welcome to the hypocrisy of the social justice warrior. So busy virtue signalling, they can’t see real social injustice staring them in the face.

They rail against racism by trashing statues of Captain Cook and trying to change Australia Day, while ignoring the facts that abused Aboriginal children are contracting gonorrhoea at age five and committing suicide at age eight.

The ABC’s social justice warriors are more interested in protecting rabbits from greyhounds than in shining a light on rampant paedophilia and abuse in too many indigenous communities.

SJW’s in federal parliament weep about a banned burka but you never see tears for dead and suffering children.

Nyunggai Warren Mundine, Director of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, points out there have been 40 inquiries and royal commissions into indigenous child abuse since 2004, all to no avail.

“We already know what to do,” he says. “Deal with the crime, deal with the paedophilia and abuse of children and women, [foster] economic development, commercial, profitable private business investment and jobs.”

Mundine has just been to Kununurra, WA, to speak at the East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards hosted by the Wunan Foundation, which encourages enterprise and education.

It is an oasis of hope set against a backdrop of hellish dysfunction, with children in many remote communities condemned to a life of abuse by welfare authorities too frightened of creating a “second stolen generation” to save them.

The tragedy has been playing out in an inquest at the Kununurra Coroner’s Court into the suicides of 13 young people in three years, five children aged between 10 and 13.

One 12-year old, who killed herself in February, 2013, grew up in the remote community of Oombulgurri which was so dysfunctional it was closed a year because of concerns of widespread child abuse.

The “shy, withdrawn” girl, was said to have been sexually abused, and spent her short life wandering the streets at night to escape the “partying” adults at her family’s filthy, overcrowded house. Authorities informed of her risk of self harm reacted by imposing a curfew. Welfare workers testified that nothing could have been done to prevent her suicide, but no one thought to rescue her from hell.

Warren Mundine says despite 40 inquiries and royal commissions into indigenous child abuse since 2004, little has changed. (Pic: News Corp)

One boy, described as Case 2, was neglected so badly from birth the local doctor had never seen a worse example of “failure to thrive”. Gang raped at seven, he killed himself in his teens. “From the very moment he was born his life was largely one of struggles, pain, sorrow and ­neglect” the coroner heard.

This has been going on for years. Under the government-sponsored poison of passive welfare, in some remote communities, suicide rates are 100 times the national average, violence, drug and alcohol abuse are chronic and one in three children suffer abuse. Domestic violence is out of control, on average 35 times greater for indigenous than non-Indigenous women.

Yet SJWs want us to focus on domestic violence in Mosman and Vaucluse. The only suicide they talk about is the suicide card they cynically used to try to close down the same sex-marriage debate.

As the inspirational Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price puts it” “Egocentric virtue-signalling… is further compounding the crisis” in indigenous communities.

Last month, elders from Kununurra, Wyndham and Ceduna travelled to Canberra with a graphic video to beg politicians to support welfare reforms aimed at limiting the booze drugs and gambling that is killing their communities. The video depicted savage violence, and cited one town in which 184 out of 500 children had been sexually assaulted.

The elders want expanded trials of the cashless welfare card, which quarantines 80 per cent of welfare payments to be used only on food, and other necessities. Human Services Minister Alan Tudge told parliament yesterday that the card has resulted in reduced violence, alcohol and drug abuse and gambling.

But it is being opposed by the Greens, who refused to meet with the elders who had travelled so far.

And Bill Shorten refused to pledge Labor’s unequivocal support, claiming concern for people “who are down on their luck being treated with hard measures just to get a headline in the big cities.”

Gillian Triggs, former human rights commissioner and the epitome of a preening social justice warrior, slammed the card as racist and a “violation of international law”.

Well, it’s a violation of every law of human decency that Australian children are being driven to suicide in epidemic proportions.



Taken from: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/fate-of-indigenous-kids-of-no-interest-to-sjws/news-story/a4bf7d897aa9d8e202a246cff72ad8df

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