Miranda Live: Jordan Peterson’s dire warning on our ‘far gone’ universities

The Daily Telegraph

Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson joined Leigh Sales on the 7:30 Report to discuss the role of political correctness and self-help in modern life. Courtesy: ABC

Jordan Peterson on self-help and political correctness

CANADIAN professor and cultural critic Jordan Peterson has a dire warning: “our universities are so far gone they can’t come back” after years of political correctness and social justice warfare.

In the second part of an in depth interview with Miranda Devine’s online radio show Miranda Live, Professor Peterson took aim at universities for furthering radical Marxism instead of teaching young people facts.


“I think our universities are so far gone they can’t come back, I don’t think they’re salvageable in the least,” he told Miranda Live.

Episode One: Political correctness hurting our young men says Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson says our universities are broken. Picture: Sarah Matray

The Canadian academic stopped by as part of his already sold out Australia lecturer tour. He’s been a vocal figure back in his native country about universities pushing politically correct agendas.The foe of political correctness Professor Peterson also took aim at Aussie airline Qantas, which has recently implemented a range of PC guidelines, including banning the word “guys” and phrases like “mum and dad” in fear of offence.

Dr. Jordan Peterson has also taken aim at Qantas’ new PC guidelines. Picture: Getty Images

“You’re a complete bloody fool,” he said, of the Qantas political correctness.“People who are doing this at the corporate level will rapidly get the comeuppance.”


Taken from: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/blogs/miranda-devine/miranda-live-jordan-petersons-dire-warning-on-our-far-gone-universities/news-story/e949299c77370241912306832eba83e4

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