Miserific Face of Satan

The picture in question. Picture: Channel 7


Damien F. Mackey


“Now there are a thousand times ten thousand roads down which any one of us may travel for a lifetime, But all of those roads are going to end in front of two faces.

One, the Merciful face of Christ. And the other, the miserific face of Satan”.

 ~Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Craig Calvert isn’t into “hooky pooky stuff” but there was no mistaking this.

There, in a photo his friend took, was a “big devil face” emerging from a raging fire in Victoria’s East Gippsland region.

The dairy farmer spent 13 hours defending his property from a fire that spat out 100 metre large fireballs.

“It hit us like four or five times, the chopper pilots are heroes, they saved it (the property) …I’m very glad people did not get killed here,” he told Channel 7.

“We had fireballs coming over, jumping. Some of them were 50 metres to 100 metres across.

“We’ve got a photo a friend took and I’m not into hooky pooky stuff but there was a big devil face in it.”




What is the Essence of the Demonic? by Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Scott Brossart·Tuesday, 3 December 2019·Reading time: 3 minutes


“What then is the demonic? The demonic is the temptation away from the Cross of Christ in redemption. That’s the essence of the demonic. This is an example of the demonic: taking down of crucifixes from our hospital rooms, from our school rooms. I went to a bishops’ meeting in the convent and the sister was, well she didn’t look like a sister, but she said she was. But the essence of the demonic is the anti-Cross and all that it means. It means sin, it means redemption, it means glorification, it means resurrection, it means an eternal peace and joy, but not the Cross. So we have movements in the Church today where we have this spirit without a Calvary. No mention of a Cross or of discipline. Just the celebration. It is because we know what clear water is that we are offended by foul waters. It is only because we know Christ that we begin to see evil in its depth because evil is relational. Evil has no substance of its own. It is a parasite on goodness. And the more Christlike we are, the deeper is our vision of the evils of the world and the evils that can creep into the Church. How long this conflict with evil forces will last, well we do know, but now it is intensifying and it centers so much on the Eucharist which brings us to the necessity of the Holy Hour. I don’t know if you have many tabernacles robbed in this diocese, but we do. In one diocese there were two country parishes within 7 miles of one another where the Blessed Sacrament was stolen, corpuses torn of the crucifixes. No Christ on the Cross. There must be a consecrated host for a Black Mass, that is an absolute essential. It is where everything will be done backwards. The Our Father will be said backwards, prayers will be said backwards.

And when the priests join the movement, they have the Body of Christ to recrucify. We may be a little lax in our devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, but Satan is not.

Scripture tells us that Satan believes. He believes and therefore he seeks Him out. And this then, is an additional reason for the Holy Hour. One bishop jokingly said, “That means I must give up my alcoholic drinking hour in order to have my Holy Hour.” Now there are a thousand times ten thousand roads down which any one of us may travel for a lifetime, But all of those roads are going to end in front of two faces. One, the Merciful face of Christ. And the other, the miserific face of Satan.”

~Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Maybe, when one legislates against Creation – as has recently been the case in Australia (extreme abortion laws; euthanasia; yes to gay ‘marriage’) – then Creation may legislate against the legislator.


The fires that have been raging all the way down the eastern side of Australia have become so fierce and unstoppable that standard descriptions such as “bushfire” have had to be replaced with words like “atomic”.


“Up until an hour or so ago it was pitch black, you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you. It was just insane”.


The Rural Fire Service said firefighters were in “uncharted territory” at the peak of the crisis ….


… with one responding to footage of the NSW “megafire” with …. “This looks like hell.”


“Within 30 minutes this great wall of fire just came from the back of our cul de sac and within seconds the trees were catching fire, and the sky was orange and yellow. It was like Armageddon …”.


MidCoast Mayor David West, who lives in Brimbin, said that he had never seen anything like the nearby fire.

“I’m looking at a sky that’s screaming danger, that’s saying ‘get out of my way, I’m going to kill you’,” he said.

“I know that sounds melodramatic but it’s not. This is a fire that’s devouring everything in its path.”



1 John 3:2 Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

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